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    Christmas Co-Decoration

    2011 was a very special year not only for me, but for the whole 3K family and their young neighbors – the kids from Kipars child centre.
    It all started when they planted me on a chilly autumn day. But It wouldn’t be a real Christmas tree without decorations.
    And true friends! This is were the 3K clients and partners came in the game and made this year an unforgettable one!

    The campaign was reflected in 3 linked videos where the world got to know me and was invited to take part.
    Everyone could follow my decoration newcomers and the “dress up” process at our social networks and my special webpage  www.m3k.lv/egle.

    Warm thanks to all 35 decorators and 3K Christmas friends!
    You made me what I am!

    To be continued…

    3K Christmas tree