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    Year Event Attendees Partner/Client
    2010 Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Latvia conference
    National Research Programmes .Planned, Accomplished and Future Perspective”
    150 Ministry of Education and Science
    2010 BaltMet Promo seminar 40 Riga City Council
    2010 Mars Latvia Farewell Dinner 15 Mars Latvia
    2010 Latvian Kidney Foundation Award Dinner 50 Latvian Kidney Foundation
    2010 Radisson Blu Hotels Riga Annual Corporate Customers Event 300 Radisson Blu Hotel Daugava
    2010 Discussion about architecture- Šmelinga Sarunas 70 Riga City Architect’s Office
    2010 Latvian Modern Pentathlon Federation “UIPM Congress 2010” Gala Dinner 259 Latvian Modern Pentathlon Federation
    2010 Group Leading Services to Shrilanka 32 Impro Ltd
    2010 Mars Latvia Photo Orientation City Tour 15 Mars Latvia
    2010 Interpreting Services for Seminar European Modules on Migrant Integration 70 Ecorys Brussels
    2010 Latvian Association of Radiologists 3rd Baltic Congress of Radiology (as partner of Kaleva Travel) 350 Latvian Association of Radiologists
    2010 European Commission Taxation and Customs Union DG TAXUD Meeting of the Customs and Trade Consultative Committee 200 Media Consulta Event Gmbh
    2010 SAP Danmark Ltd Riga Incentive City Tour 25 SAP Danmark Ltd
    2010 Number 20 Conference Gala Dinner in Riga Railway Museum 250 Number 20 Ltd
    2010 SGS Latvia Ltd Riga Incentive City Tour 45 SGS Latvija SIA
    2010 Oracle Netherlands Incentive Program in Latvia 25 Incentive Europe Ltd
    2010 Eastcon AG Ltd Annual Open Air Client Loyalty Event in Riga Open Air Museum 2500 Eastcon AG LV Ltd
    2010 Latvian Kidney Foundation Conference and Incentive Program in Estonia 40 Latvian Kidney Foundation
    2010 FC Teteks Team ground handling operations and management for UEFA Europa League match in Ventspils 30 FC Teteks
    2010 International Conference “Embracing Inclusive Approaches for Children and Youth with Special Education Needs” ( as partner of Kaleva Travel and BalticEvents) 550 IIC
    2010 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia VIP transfer services for Honorary Consuls of Latvia 130 Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia
    2010 St.Olavs Hospital HF visit in Riga 45 St. Olavs Hospital HF
    2010 Mars Latvia Incentive Riga City Tour 40 Mars Latvia
    2010 CESI Incentive Riga City Tour 130 Confédération Européenne des Syndicats Indépendants (CESI)
    2010 77th Meeting of the Directors General for Customs of the EU Member States and Turkey 80 Latvian Customs
    2010 Forum “Progressive tax system- a modern system of resource distribution in a mixed market economy or a ghost of communism?” 100 Freedom and Solidarity Foundation
    2010 A Study Tour for Ambassadors to Latvia and their Spouses 35 Riga City Architect’s Office
    2010 Brothers of Bergstroms Incentive Riga City Tour 25 Svenska ReseBolaget
    2010 ProHockey Canada Incentive Riga City Tour 40 ProHockey Canada
    2010 Event “Discover the Red in the Green House” 60 Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung
    2010 15 Young by Young Annual Meeting Get Together Dinner 30 Avantis Promo
    2010 LSDSP Annual Congress 210 LSDSP
    2010 Group Leading Services to China 16 Impro Ltd
    2010 Philips Healthcare MCR Sales Force Training Riga 2010 850 Incentive Europe Ltd
    2010 15th Anniversary of Eastcon AG 230 Eastcon AG LV Ltd
    2010 “Mazā Selga Jams Again” Reunion Concert After 25 Years 350 Mazā Selga